Channel Letter Signs

Channel Letter Signs from Electremedia

Our channel letter signs are custom made to our client’s specifications, can be made in an endless variety of shapes and various materials, and illuminated in any number of ways.  Find examples of these in our gallery, or by perusing our blog, which is usually more up-to-date.


Vapor Showroom came to us with a very nice logo, and initially requested a box sign since their startup budget was very limited.  They planned on getting a nice channel letter design the following year.  We designed a box option, along with a more attractive channel letter sign design we could provide for the same cost.  The material cost vs labor cost varies with each design, and it’s our intention to give all of our customers the best value for their sign investment.  Using sustainable design principles, we work toward creating high-impact signage that’s not as bulky as it is visually effective in drawing customers to your store.  Our job is to examine your current logo artwork, and create relevant and attractive signage, adding dimension and lighting where it’s most attractive and effective, or designing entirely new artwork, if needed.


If you would like more information on obtaining your own custom storefront sign, please call us at (405) 200-2599, fill out our Quote Request Form, or send us a message through our Contact Page.

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