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Electremedia Unveils Interactive 3D Sign Gallery

Electremedia Unveils Interactive 3D Sign Gallery

“Architecture, meet Video Game Design.  VGD, meet Architecture!”

Imagine investors from all over the world being able to simultaneously walk through a rendering of their new shopping mall before deciding on the final design.  Or, instead of just doing a flythrough of a multimillion dollar house design, why not let them “play” it?  The possibilities are endless. From 2002 to 2007 I taught Design Technology at the Design And Technology Academy in San Antonio.  I taught graphic design, 3d animation and video game design alongside architects and engineers.  Always looking for ways to “cross curriculate” as I called it, I designed a project where the VGD students would attempt to import and “play” their lesson designs from architecture class.  I say attempt because it was not easy.  Fortunately they used Google’s SketchUp, which played fairly with the 3D Studio Max software I used in my lab.  It was trick getting the 3ds model from SketchUp to 3DS Max, carefully texturing, then exporting an ASCII scene file then importing it as a Static Mesh into the game engine.  If you missed one step out of dozens it would fail, and you’d have to repeat the process over and over. But that was the old days!  The technology necessary to pull this off has gotten a lot more stable.  If the design pipeline is set up correctly, it’s a no brainer to transfer architecture models to a video game engine and publish it to the web, and with a little extra work, also deploy it across all mobile devices as a game app.  I can imagine a team of designers at their workstations, all on a conference call with managers and investors from all over the world, simultaneously walking through a design, giving and receiving feedback. My primary focus now is selling signs, but I haven’t lost my drive to push the limits of technology, and to look for new ways to engage the customer, and attempt to create a deeper emotional connection to the product.  I recently put this to the test by creating an interactive virtual gallery of signs.  I just started using this particular game engine, so the level is very simple.  In the coming weeks, however, I will add triggered events that move platforms, in-game controls, audio messages that play based on proximity to different signs, water, wind, weather and more!   And what’s further down the road, you ask?  To make a virtual sign shop where customers can get in on the creativity and make their own signs. Like I said, the possibilities are endless! You can view our virtual gallery by going here: Enjoy! Kalen Lake Owner/Creative Director, Electremedia LLC

Interior Logo Signs Installed For Total Express Vending

Interior Logo Signs Installed For Total Express Vending

Interior Logo Signs

We just finished delivering the logo sign package to Total Express for their new robotic vending business in the new Greyhound Bus Station in OKC.

The project scaled up and down during the design process, going from a large exterior illuminated logo sign, to a double-sided “clock-like” logo sign inside the hallway, to a single-sided 3D logo piece that turned out great.

The pre-viz I saw from Greyhound called for a lot of layering, colors hue variations and “bus” images.  Well, I forgo the bus images for candy, since that’s what my customer says drives them to the machine.  Their logo has a lot of green in it, so I used it liberally in my Photoshop design for the posters.  As my own critic, it works, and kills the previous / current in the old downtown bus station.

As usual, I invite you to compare my 3D designs and renderings to the final product.  Until our target customer base understands our differences from typical sign companies, it all begins and ends with the artwork.  Bad art produces bad product.  A “sign company” functioning as a design agency, they want awards, recognition, and most importantly, repeat business.  I feel we did Total Environment / Total Express people justice, and we appreciate you coming back again.

Enjoy the gallery here, and I’ll gladly provide design tips if anyone wants.


Owner / Creative Director

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OKC Vapes Logo Signs – Edmond Store

OKC Vapes Logo Signs – Edmond Store

Here’s a gallery of photos of our recently completed OKC Vapes – Edmond sign project.

From design, through fabrication and installation, everything went perfectly smooth.  I originally designed the logo for print work, but with a few modifications for illumination, it became a really cool-looking sign.


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Multiple Salon Sign Project Nears Completion in Oklahoma City

Multiple Salon Sign Project Nears Completion in Oklahoma City

Installation is almost complete for Electremedia’s 7+ sign project for Schardein Salons

Here is a picture of the new pole and numerous signs installed at Britton and N. May in Oklahoma City for Steve Schardein’s new $1,000,000 salon location.  Only 1 sign install remains, then we’ll post a full album of the entire project.  We wanted to put him on the map, and I think we succeeded.  It included 2 double LED illuminated wall signs at 24′ and 31′ wide (both face and halo illumination), two 3′ by 10′ digital message centers integrated into the wall logo signs, one refaced 4 x 8 single face illuminated cabinet sign, a new pole and 4 x 10 pole sign, and finally a 5′ x 10′ double-sided LED illuminated flex face “New Talent” sign, which will complete the project.

Electremedia celebrated it’s 1st year in operation July 30th, 2013.  We can’t thank our customers enough for the confidence they have, and continue to place in us.  All of the decades in graphic design, real estate development, 3D animation and virtual environment creation for video game level design and promotional animations, marketing, advertising, national television and print publicity, and the list goes on – is really paying off for our customers.  We toot these horns so you know what we’ve done for others, and would love to do for you.

Stay illuminated!

Kalen Lake

Electremedia Owner/Creative Director

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Translucent Graphics Brighten Retail Storefronts

Translucent Graphics Brighten Retail Storefronts

Electremedia provides more than just signage.

We recently shared the daytime finished pictures of the storefront window wrap we designed for Ultimate Tan and Tone, and here it is what it looks like at night.

Our customer had a section of windows with essentially a closet area behind them, and needed an advertising display solution.  We designed a 5-panel graphic on translucent vinyl featuring their logo and a beach scene.  By placing bright lights behind the graphics we essentially created a large backlit sign which can be easily seen from the main thoroughfare over 150 yards away.  We enjoy providing creative solutions for unique customer challenges that go far beyond traditional signage.  Electremedia is as much a marketing and consulting firm as it is a retail sign provider.  We also provide professional media services, press release writing and broadcast coverage when appropriate.  Our business exists to help other businesses succeed.


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