Here’s a new photo of the monument sign we designed for The Pointe at the University of Illinois, after some spring flower planting.

The next sign is about to ship to their housing complex for Mississippi State, and we’re finalizing another for U of WY.  The regional director was very pleased with the sign, and sent in the picture.  I asked her if it had helped their marketing efforts, or increased their occupancy rate and she said the signs are having a very positive affect.  My family has been in commercial real estate development since childhood, so I understand property ownership, management, leases, build-outs, brokers, insurance, contractors, and the list goes on.  Although I didn’t go into the real estate portion of the family business, I understood it.  Electremedia was born when my graphics and 3d modeling skills met the sign industry.  It’s hard to describe what it feels like for a 3d artists, who for decades has only seen his creations in digital form, or in print.  I have fabricators who love to make the crazy stuff I design, and personally, I’m just getting started.

Monument sign for The Pointe by Electremedia Signs and Design.Channel letter sign for The Pointe.

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