Interior Logo Signs

We just finished delivering the logo sign package to Total Express for their new robotic vending business in the new Greyhound Bus Station in OKC.

The project scaled up and down during the design process, going from a large exterior illuminated logo sign, to a double-sided “clock-like” logo sign inside the hallway, to a single-sided 3D logo piece that turned out great.

The pre-viz I saw from Greyhound called for a lot of layering, colors hue variations and “bus” images.  Well, I forgo the bus images for candy, since that’s what my customer says drives them to the machine.  Their logo has a lot of green in it, so I used it liberally in my Photoshop design for the posters.  As my own critic, it works, and kills the previous / current in the old downtown bus station.

As usual, I invite you to compare my 3D designs and renderings to the final product.  Until our target customer base understands our differences from typical sign companies, it all begins and ends with the artwork.  Bad art produces bad product.  A “sign company” functioning as a design agency, they want awards, recognition, and most importantly, repeat business.  I feel we did Total Environment / Total Express people justice, and we appreciate you coming back again.

Enjoy the gallery here, and I’ll gladly provide design tips if anyone wants.


Owner / Creative Director

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