Electremedia receives go-ahead to produce new monument signs

We love returning customers, and are delighted to have Cottonwood Properties return to us with a third apartment community that needed a new logo and property signage.  This time Summerwood Cove, in Dallas, Texas needed a fresh new look for their recently updated property.   We designed a logo that would work well in a variety of applications, from illuminated signage to black and white prints.  The sign we designed features clear acrylic lettering pushed through a black metal sign face, and internally illuminated with a white and yellow gradient across the dimensional characters.  Acrylic has the appearance of glass but is  much more durable, and looks great when edge-illuminated.  The gradient is achieved through a combination of translucent vinyl and a unique internal LED configuration.


Summerwood Cove's new logo in black and white.


A 2D image of new logo designed by Electremedia.


An early design rendering of new logo monument signage for an apartment complex.


3D rendering of new logo and monument signs for Dallas apartment complex.

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