Illuminated LED Signs

Illuminated Signs are High-Impacting!

Don’t settle.  Let us design an LED sign that’s cool and original, and something you can be proud to display to customers and clients.  Lighted signs are a great way to promote your brand to potential customers driving by your store.  LED signs use less power than neon and fluorescent, last longer and shine much brighter.

Photo of the custom logo monument sign designed by Electremedia for Pinehurst Apartments in Oklahoma City.

If someone is looking for a laundromat or liquor store, they likely only want the nearest one.  But if you have any competition at all, first impressions can make all the difference.  We can make your logo into an illuminated beacon of quality and first-class service.  Having a custom made sign is a proven method of increasing your foot traffic within your store, and may give you that edge you need to push your sales through the roof.

Nighttime picture of Ultimate Tan and Tone's new LED building sign.

A nighttime pic of LED illuminated signage.

An illuminated sign is a 24-hour advertisement for your business, even when you’re closed.  That constant reminder helps keep your business in the minds of potential customers.  Studies also show that on any given day, as many as 35% of the people passing your business have never seen it before and could become first-time customers because of your sign.  Compared to other forms of advertising, having a customized outdoor LED lighted sign can greatly improve on your bottom line.

A nighttime picture of Total Beverage logo sign installed.

Illuminated Logo Sign

We can illuminate the faces, halo back light the letters, or both.  LEDs draw very low power, and easily tap into your existing electrical system.  And since they are “light emitting diodes” they don’t burn out, but only slowly fade after many years of dependable service, often over a decade.

If you would like more information on obtaining your own custom storefront sign, please call us at (405) 200-2599, fill out our Quote Request Form, or send us a message through our Contact Page.

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