Office Signs

The EM/Office series is tailored to interior office sign needs of our clients, especially for lobbies, hallways and interior directional signs.
Model: EM/O
From $750.00 New

Custom office signs for the reception area or lobby are a perfect way to give your location a reputable footprint.  Every one of our signs are custom-made (in America!) from a variety of materials, such as aluminum, acrylic, foam core, vinyl or wood, depending on the artwork.  At Electremedia, we take a close look at your corporate logo – or create it for you – and propose 3 or 4 sound sign design options using various materials.   Office signs present your brand to your visitors every time they visit, and is often a big source of corporate pride.  Unveiling an awesome sign at a corporate launch party can bring tears to employees eyes; we’ve seen it.

The custom logo sign designed for Cheek Law Firm installed.

If you’re looking an interior sign of any kind, please give us an opportunity to design some beautiful logo artwork for your high-rise lobby, conference room, board room or entry way.  We promise to give you some great options to choose from, and at a value you will appreciate.  A smart office sign for any reception area will take into account everything from the colors in the logo and the shape of the letters, to the type of business it represents.  We employ sustainable design practices with every office sign we provide in order to have the most visual impact possible while minimizing harm to the environment or office surroundings.

Custom wall sign by Electremedia.

Image of lobby sign installed.



Office signs don’t have to be bulky and boring, even if your logo is.  Let us come up with a few creative designs for you, and see what we can do.  If you would like more information on obtaining your own custom interior office sign, please call us at (405) 200-2599, fill out our Quote Request Form, or send us a message through our Contact Page.

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