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Metal Laminate Wall Sign Sets Sail for Global Bedding Supplier

Metal Laminate Wall Sign Sets Sail for Global Bedding Supplier

Electremedia just finished this beautiful new metal laminate wall sign for Hanseatic Bedding Products, in Kentwood, Michigan.  We’re providing more and more of these interior wall signs as businesses realize the importance of leaving a positive impression on their customers.  Everyday we transform 2-dimensional company logos into beautiful dimensional wall signs.  For example, we took vector artwork of the logo below, cleaned up some rough edges, and designed dimensional graphics that would represent their corporate brand in the best light possible.

Picture of simple company logo.We created a number of design options for Hanseatic to choose from, along with 3D renderings that accurately depict what their custom sign will look like.  The rendering below is one such option.

A 3D rendering of proposed sign design.To our delight, our customer was enormously pleased, to say the least.  In fact, they love it so much they’ve decided to redo their exterior signage, and will use no other sign company than Electremedia.  We try to prove ourselves with every single project, and love it when our customers are so happy with our products.

Picture of finished metal laminate wall sign.

Picture of metal laminate wall sign made by Electremedia LLC.

Our laminated wall signs come in a variety of colors and textures, and we’d love to design one for you!  If you have any graphics or signage needs, or know of someone who does, please give us a call at (405) 200-2599, or send us a quote request via any of our websites.  We hope to hear from you soon!

New Lobby Sign and Directional Signs for SealCo

New Lobby Sign and Directional Signs for SealCo

We just finished installing all of the property signs for SealCo Enterprises new location, complete with door vinyl, an illuminated lobby sign and all of the exterior and interior directional signage.  We took their slanted logo, and created a star-ship-looking wall sign with a glossy black face, illuminated acrylic push thru lettering, and halo back lighting.  Everything else was pretty standard directional signs and decals using a combination of ACM and vinyl.

A couple pictures of the lobby sign…

Photo of illuminated wall sign in lobby.

Side photo of illuminated wall sign.

Window vinyl and directional decals…

Photo of exterior business door hours and logo decals.


Some of the exterior directionals…

Combo of two photos of exterior directional signage.

Photo of door sign that says receiving.

If you would like more information on obtaining your own custom signage, please call us at (405) 200-2599, fill out our Quote Request Form, or send us a message through our Contact Page.  Thank you for visiting our website.  Similar information is available at our parent domain,


Afterlife Imitating Art – New Business Sign Pushes Boundries

Electremedia recently finished a sign design project for Reflection Pointe, a new funeral home in Northeastern Oklahoma City.  We were able to push the design far beyond the average exterior business sign, and incorporate detailed routing, digital graphics, LED illumination and pan-on-pan halo back lighting.

Custom wall sign photograph.

Reflection Pointe already had a very nice logo design, with a custom typeface and a highly-detailed tree graphic, with a green to silver gradient for a reflected tree beneath. Reflection Pointe Logo. From the beginning we wanted to have the letters and trees illuminated.  But the detail in the tree is beyond the capabilities of most routers, so we split the design between the letters and the trees.  For the lettering we designed routed acrylic plex to be pushed thru a routed metal face.  For the trees we created a slightly more rough outline, routed it out, then applied the original artwork for the trees onto a milky lexan face, which was LED backlit.

Front photograph of new custom wall sign.


The main pan was then offset mounted to a backpan, allowing the LEDs providing the letter and tree illumination to spill out in white on silver halo.  The end result actually highlights an “illuminated” afterlife, and perhaps an image of hope appropriate for a funeral home.

We put a lot of thought into our sign designs, and not only with how to handcraft business logos into carefully crafted custom signage, but to also take into account the central theme of the business, and design accordingly.

If you would like more information on obtaining your own custom signage, please call us at (405) 200-2599, fill out our Quote Request Form, or send us a message through our Contact Page.  Thank you for visiting our website.  Similar information is available at our parent domain,

Interior Wall Signs for Business Logos

Interior Wall Signs for Business Logos

Interior wall signs of corporate logos and slogans are a great way to advertise your brand and communicate a sense of stability and longevity.

There are a variety of materials one can use including acrylic, foam or metal, with paint or vinyl graphics adding the final color and detail.  Here are a few examples from current projects going on a Electremedia.


A 3D rendering of an interior wall sign created by Electremedia LLC.

Interior wall sign created by Electremedia.

Interior acrylic wall sign design by Electremedia.

Electremedia Unveils Interactive 3D Sign Gallery

Electremedia Unveils Interactive 3D Sign Gallery

“Architecture, meet Video Game Design.  VGD, meet Architecture!”

Imagine investors from all over the world being able to simultaneously walk through a rendering of their new shopping mall before deciding on the final design.  Or, instead of just doing a flythrough of a multimillion dollar house design, why not let them “play” it?  The possibilities are endless. From 2002 to 2007 I taught Design Technology at the Design And Technology Academy in San Antonio.  I taught graphic design, 3d animation and video game design alongside architects and engineers.  Always looking for ways to “cross curriculate” as I called it, I designed a project where the VGD students would attempt to import and “play” their lesson designs from architecture class.  I say attempt because it was not easy.  Fortunately they used Google’s SketchUp, which played fairly with the 3D Studio Max software I used in my lab.  It was trick getting the 3ds model from SketchUp to 3DS Max, carefully texturing, then exporting an ASCII scene file then importing it as a Static Mesh into the game engine.  If you missed one step out of dozens it would fail, and you’d have to repeat the process over and over. But that was the old days!  The technology necessary to pull this off has gotten a lot more stable.  If the design pipeline is set up correctly, it’s a no brainer to transfer architecture models to a video game engine and publish it to the web, and with a little extra work, also deploy it across all mobile devices as a game app.  I can imagine a team of designers at their workstations, all on a conference call with managers and investors from all over the world, simultaneously walking through a design, giving and receiving feedback. My primary focus now is selling signs, but I haven’t lost my drive to push the limits of technology, and to look for new ways to engage the customer, and attempt to create a deeper emotional connection to the product.  I recently put this to the test by creating an interactive virtual gallery of signs.  I just started using this particular game engine, so the level is very simple.  In the coming weeks, however, I will add triggered events that move platforms, in-game controls, audio messages that play based on proximity to different signs, water, wind, weather and more!   And what’s further down the road, you ask?  To make a virtual sign shop where customers can get in on the creativity and make their own signs. Like I said, the possibilities are endless! You can view our virtual gallery by going here: Enjoy! Kalen Lake Owner/Creative Director, Electremedia LLC

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