Metal Laminate Wall Sign Sets Sail for Global Bedding Supplier

Metal Laminate Wall Sign Sets Sail for Global Bedding Supplier

Electremedia just finished this beautiful new metal laminate wall sign for Hanseatic Bedding Products, in Kentwood, Michigan.  We’re providing more and more of these interior wall signs as businesses realize the importance of leaving a positive impression on their customers.  Everyday we transform 2-dimensional company logos into beautiful dimensional wall signs.  For example, we took vector artwork of the logo below, cleaned up some rough edges, and designed dimensional graphics that would represent their corporate brand in the best light possible.

Picture of simple company logo.We created a number of design options for Hanseatic to choose from, along with 3D renderings that accurately depict what their custom sign will look like.  The rendering below is one such option.

A 3D rendering of proposed sign design.To our delight, our customer was enormously pleased, to say the least.  In fact, they love it so much they’ve decided to redo their exterior signage, and will use no other sign company than Electremedia.  We try to prove ourselves with every single project, and love it when our customers are so happy with our products.

Picture of finished metal laminate wall sign.

Picture of metal laminate wall sign made by Electremedia LLC.

Our laminated wall signs come in a variety of colors and textures, and we’d love to design one for you!  If you have any graphics or signage needs, or know of someone who does, please give us a call at (405) 200-2599, or send us a quote request via any of our websites.  We hope to hear from you soon!

New Lobby Sign and Directional Signs for SealCo

New Lobby Sign and Directional Signs for SealCo

We just finished installing all of the property signs for SealCo Enterprises new location, complete with door vinyl, an illuminated lobby sign and all of the exterior and interior directional signage.  We took their slanted logo, and created a star-ship-looking wall sign with a glossy black face, illuminated acrylic push thru lettering, and halo back lighting.  Everything else was pretty standard directional signs and decals using a combination of ACM and vinyl.

A couple pictures of the lobby sign…

Photo of illuminated wall sign in lobby.

Side photo of illuminated wall sign.

Window vinyl and directional decals…

Photo of exterior business door hours and logo decals.


Some of the exterior directionals…

Combo of two photos of exterior directional signage.

Photo of door sign that says receiving.

If you would like more information on obtaining your own custom signage, please call us at (405) 200-2599, fill out our Quote Request Form, or send us a message through our Contact Page.  Thank you for visiting our website.  Similar information is available at our parent domain,


Afterlife Imitating Art – New Business Sign Pushes Boundries

Electremedia recently finished a sign design project for Reflection Pointe, a new funeral home in Northeastern Oklahoma City.  We were able to push the design far beyond the average exterior business sign, and incorporate detailed routing, digital graphics, LED illumination and pan-on-pan halo back lighting.

Custom wall sign photograph.

Reflection Pointe already had a very nice logo design, with a custom typeface and a highly-detailed tree graphic, with a green to silver gradient for a reflected tree beneath. Reflection Pointe Logo. From the beginning we wanted to have the letters and trees illuminated.  But the detail in the tree is beyond the capabilities of most routers, so we split the design between the letters and the trees.  For the lettering we designed routed acrylic plex to be pushed thru a routed metal face.  For the trees we created a slightly more rough outline, routed it out, then applied the original artwork for the trees onto a milky lexan face, which was LED backlit.

Front photograph of new custom wall sign.


The main pan was then offset mounted to a backpan, allowing the LEDs providing the letter and tree illumination to spill out in white on silver halo.  The end result actually highlights an “illuminated” afterlife, and perhaps an image of hope appropriate for a funeral home.

We put a lot of thought into our sign designs, and not only with how to handcraft business logos into carefully crafted custom signage, but to also take into account the central theme of the business, and design accordingly.

If you would like more information on obtaining your own custom signage, please call us at (405) 200-2599, fill out our Quote Request Form, or send us a message through our Contact Page.  Thank you for visiting our website.  Similar information is available at our parent domain,

Maxcess International Taps Electremedia for New Signage

Maxcess International Taps Electremedia for New Signage

Electremedia has just completed the designs for Maxcess International’s new property signage in Oklahoma City.

In fabrication is a custom 17′ wide reverse channel letter logo sign.  This beauty has 42″ tall halo illuminated channel letters, offset mounted to a metallic silver pan.  This simple sign is going to really improve the appearance of their near 1 million square foot campus.

3D rendering and photo composite of new monument sign.

The company logo change required a new canopy sign be designed to fill the space four individual logos once occupied.  A mini edition of the monument sign was designed, along with halo illuminated architectural bars to fill the 22′ wide narrow space.

3D rendering and photograph composition of proposed new monument sign.

The existing entrance sign frames will be replaced with new aluminum panels with vinyl graphics.

Graphics for entrance sign panel replacement.

Lastly, we’re replacing the interior wall sign with a new 48″ wide painted acrylic logo.

3D rendering of painted acrylic wall logo.


If you would like more information on obtaining your own custom signage, please call us at (405) 200-2599, fill out our Quote Request Form, or send us a message through our Contact Page.  Thank you for visiting our website.  Similar information is available at our parent domain,

Making Logos Into Interior Wall Signs

We just finished this project for Anadarko Minerals, Inc., where we took a simple business card design and transformed it into an attractive wall sign for their office entrance.

We try to keep this page updated with fresh project information.  This is another case study of a recent project we just completed.


Anadarko Minerals Wall Sign

This is the initial logo image we received.  It was just a rough photograph of a business card, but it was enough for us to do some font detection make the vector art we needed.

Logo on business card used as starting point for sign design.

Next we verified with the client that the vector art was correct before creating the 3-dimensional design.  Working closely with our client, we discovered that the A in AMI, is in fact an upside down V, with the bar through it simulating an A.


After deciding from this image that the horizontal bar should also be stainless, we created these 3D renderings.

Cleaned up logo for client.

Interior wall sign created by Electremedia.

3d rendering of proposed sign for Anadarko Minerals.

Wall sign being installed with template.

Custom logo wall sign designed by Electremedia.

Custom wall sign by Electremedia.

If you need custom interior or exterior signs, please give us a call at (405) 200-2599, send us a Quote Request or connect with us via any of our social media websites.


Interior Wall Signs for Business Logos

Interior Wall Signs for Business Logos

Interior wall signs of corporate logos and slogans are a great way to advertise your brand and communicate a sense of stability and longevity.

There are a variety of materials one can use including acrylic, foam or metal, with paint or vinyl graphics adding the final color and detail.  Here are a few examples from current projects going on a Electremedia.


A 3D rendering of an interior wall sign created by Electremedia LLC.

Interior wall sign created by Electremedia.

Interior acrylic wall sign design by Electremedia.

Monument Sign is an Ode to Divinci

The latest design leaked from the top secret Electremedia Design Lab will not only attract customers, it will tell them the time of day, without using a clock!

Since the seasons are always changing, we designed this sign to be dynamic, and cycle between Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange every hour, with the season icon changing accordingly.

Try it for yourself!  Looking at the image below, what time of day is it? *

Monument sign for Four Seasons Sunrooms designed by Electremedia.* Solution:  Using the sign color order above, blue occurs at midnight, lasting until 1am, so the highlighted leaf and corresponding color, along with a partially illuminated sky, could only be 7am, 7pm or 9pm, depending on your location and time of year.

Here are some other image from the project.


(Here’s a detailed explanation of the signs functionality.  Every hour, the sign changes from one of the four colors in the logo.  The white letters are always illuminatd, along with the squares behind each logo.  Beginning at midnight, the halo color of the well changes to blue, and the snowflake icon lights up.  At 1am, the halo well fades to green, and the flower icon illuminates.  This process continues throughout the 24 hour period.)

And early sign design rendering from Electremedia Signs and Design.

An alternate sign design by Electremedia Signs and Design.An alternate sign design by Electremedia Signs and Design.An alternate sign design by Electremedia Signs and Design.




Electremedia Unveils Interactive 3D Sign Gallery

Electremedia Unveils Interactive 3D Sign Gallery

“Architecture, meet Video Game Design.  VGD, meet Architecture!”

Imagine investors from all over the world being able to simultaneously walk through a rendering of their new shopping mall before deciding on the final design.  Or, instead of just doing a flythrough of a multimillion dollar house design, why not let them “play” it?  The possibilities are endless. From 2002 to 2007 I taught Design Technology at the Design And Technology Academy in San Antonio.  I taught graphic design, 3d animation and video game design alongside architects and engineers.  Always looking for ways to “cross curriculate” as I called it, I designed a project where the VGD students would attempt to import and “play” their lesson designs from architecture class.  I say attempt because it was not easy.  Fortunately they used Google’s SketchUp, which played fairly with the 3D Studio Max software I used in my lab.  It was trick getting the 3ds model from SketchUp to 3DS Max, carefully texturing, then exporting an ASCII scene file then importing it as a Static Mesh into the game engine.  If you missed one step out of dozens it would fail, and you’d have to repeat the process over and over. But that was the old days!  The technology necessary to pull this off has gotten a lot more stable.  If the design pipeline is set up correctly, it’s a no brainer to transfer architecture models to a video game engine and publish it to the web, and with a little extra work, also deploy it across all mobile devices as a game app.  I can imagine a team of designers at their workstations, all on a conference call with managers and investors from all over the world, simultaneously walking through a design, giving and receiving feedback. My primary focus now is selling signs, but I haven’t lost my drive to push the limits of technology, and to look for new ways to engage the customer, and attempt to create a deeper emotional connection to the product.  I recently put this to the test by creating an interactive virtual gallery of signs.  I just started using this particular game engine, so the level is very simple.  In the coming weeks, however, I will add triggered events that move platforms, in-game controls, audio messages that play based on proximity to different signs, water, wind, weather and more!   And what’s further down the road, you ask?  To make a virtual sign shop where customers can get in on the creativity and make their own signs. Like I said, the possibilities are endless! You can view our virtual gallery by going here: Enjoy! Kalen Lake Owner/Creative Director, Electremedia LLC

Fresh Logo and Monument Signs for Dallas Apartment Complex

Fresh Logo and Monument Signs for Dallas Apartment Complex

Electremedia receives go-ahead to produce new monument signs

We love returning customers, and are delighted to have Cottonwood Properties return to us with a third apartment community that needed a new logo and property signage.  This time Summerwood Cove, in Dallas, Texas needed a fresh new look for their recently updated property.   We designed a logo that would work well in a variety of applications, from illuminated signage to black and white prints.  The sign we designed features clear acrylic lettering pushed through a black metal sign face, and internally illuminated with a white and yellow gradient across the dimensional characters.  Acrylic has the appearance of glass but is  much more durable, and looks great when edge-illuminated.  The gradient is achieved through a combination of translucent vinyl and a unique internal LED configuration.


Summerwood Cove's new logo in black and white.


A 2D image of new logo designed by Electremedia.


An early design rendering of new logo monument signage for an apartment complex.


3D rendering of new logo and monument signs for Dallas apartment complex.

The Pointe Love Their New Monument Signs

The Pointe Love Their New Monument Signs

Here’s a new photo of the monument sign we designed for The Pointe at the University of Illinois, after some spring flower planting.

The next sign is about to ship to their housing complex for Mississippi State, and we’re finalizing another for U of WY.  The regional director was very pleased with the sign, and sent in the picture.  I asked her if it had helped their marketing efforts, or increased their occupancy rate and she said the signs are having a very positive affect.  My family has been in commercial real estate development since childhood, so I understand property ownership, management, leases, build-outs, brokers, insurance, contractors, and the list goes on.  Although I didn’t go into the real estate portion of the family business, I understood it.  Electremedia was born when my graphics and 3d modeling skills met the sign industry.  It’s hard to describe what it feels like for a 3d artists, who for decades has only seen his creations in digital form, or in print.  I have fabricators who love to make the crazy stuff I design, and personally, I’m just getting started.

Monument sign for The Pointe by Electremedia Signs and Design.Channel letter sign for The Pointe.

Two Creative Teams Provide New Leaf Wellness Clinic Signage

Two Creative Teams Provide New Leaf Wellness Clinic Signage

Electremedia and Cre8tve Works of Concord, NC just finished the new sign package for the next New Leaf Wellness clinic location in Oklahoma City.

The project includes an exterior illuminated channel letter logo sign, an interior lexan/vinyl wall sign, new interior window tinting and custom exterior frosted vinyl graphics.

If you are opening a new business and need exterior or interior signage or vinyl graphics, give us a call at (405) 200-2599.

Mock up of exterior sign for New Life Wellness.

Architectural Outdoor Signs Promote Business Distinction

Architectural Outdoor Signs Promote Business Distinction

In these days of computer-generated graphics, the “art” of designing outdoor signs to promote businesses has come full circle in a few key ways.  Outdoor signage began as custom hand-made signs by the local carpenter or blacksmith, went through its own industrial revolution to meet a mass-market, often cookie-cutter design demands, and then to slowly return back to a single computer artist, working with a mouse and tablet, sketching out custom sign designs.

As a local sign company who also provides custom signs nationally, Electremedia brings the individual designer back into the mix.  Every one of our signs is custom-designed unique to each of our customers.  While we have a couple of national accounts with repeating sign designs, 95% of every project we undertake is for a small business owner with a very unique brand.  And while a logo and slogan can be nicely designed and printed onto the face of a box sign with internal LEDs to illuminated it from behind, it’s still a flat face on a black box hanging in front of your store.  Why would a business owner choose such a sign to represent their brand to the outside world, and pick such a plain sign?  The reasons could include:

•  Having a box / cabinet sign is a condition of their lease.

This is understandable, and out of the control of the store owner (tenant).  In this event, we try to design with high contrasting colors or shades, to create an added illusion of depth, and make sure the cabinet is painted and less unsightly.

•  They think box signs are less expensive.

This assumption is usually always wrong in our case, but it depends on the fabrication shop.  In our experience, cabinet (box) signs are more expensive than custom shaped and illuminated channel letter signs for a couple of reasons: 1. It requires far less material to make a cut-out form than it does to make a reinforced box consisting of large sections of metal, 2. It also requires less translucent plastic for the faces, if it’s face illuminated, verses printing on one very large piece of material.

Getting these savings for yourself, however, requires you to consider one question:  Does the sign company have a real graphic artist on staff, or a good one they outsource to?  Think about it.  Would you rather have an advertising agency, with their artists, creative directors, marketing experts and media department, designing your outdoor signage, or the guy at the sign shop chugging out design after design just to keep up with sales and production?   Where are the experts that you need?  You may not have an advertising agency on retainer, and you may even have assurances from your sign shop that “their guy is good,” but are you really satisfied with that?  Is that enough to secure your investment into their creative hands to bring the exterior branding of your business to life with the quality-designed custom outdoor signs your investment deserves?

We ask you to take a look at our Sign Posts blog, and see the case studies of before-and-after designs and installed signs.  We are 3D artists and designers first, then carefully model and construct your sign from your logo specifications, and supply you with highly realistic renders that show you precisely how the outdoor sign we proposing to make is going to look.  Our creative process is designed in such a way that the 2-dimensional graphics and 3D renderings we provide are the same exact same data files that are sent to fabrication, and/or to engineering and installation experts, if necessary.  This process ensures that everyone – us, our client, fabrication, shipping/installation – are all on the same page.  This allows for creative, unique and intricate architectural signage to be made for each of our customers.  Signage that is high-quality, hand-made, more sustainable and environmentally friendly, and far more cost effective than most of our competitors.

Yes, we are a sign company, for all practical purposes.  But a more accurate description is that of a design firm, that specializes in making affordable, high-quality signs.

Adding Bing Knowledge Widget to WordPress

Adding Bing Knowledge Widget to WordPress

Adding Bing’s new Knowledge Widget (currently in beta mode) to your WordPress blog is extremely easy, and will make your website more engaging to your visitors. The Bing Knowledge Widget scans the content of your page and pulls in relevant content into a layered right sidebar. Enough, if you’ve come this far you probably know what it is and just want to add it to your blog already!
Let’s get started.  There are only two basic steps to follow:

Step 1: Go to Bing’s Knowledge Widget Code Page.

Screen shot of the Bing Knowledge Widget webpage. You will likely experiment with the Settings area a few times before you get it tweaked exactly the way you want it, and the code area above it automatically changes depending on what options you select.  After you’ve decided how you want content underlined, how deep you want the widget to scan, copy the code in the window.

Screenshot of pasting code into text window.

Step 2: Create a Text Widget

Leaving your code on the clipboard (in memory), jump over to your WordPress blog dashboard.  Go to Appearance -> Widgets.  Drag the Text widget into the Footer of your theme, and paste the javascript code into the text area.  Don’t give it a title, and set it’s visibility to hidden.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Screenshot of Bing's Knowledge Widget in action.




New Wall Sign for NLBC

New Wall Sign for NLBC

Church signs don’t have to be boring, and we just finished designing this illuminated exterior wall sign for New Life Bible Church, in Norman.  We were able to save them a lot of money with this wall sign by substituting the 11 channel letters in “bible church” for a single capsule suspended beneath the main raceway.  Most of our customers come to us with low expectations for what their money can buy.  We advise our clients to spend wisely, and let us see what we can do.

You can reach us via our contact page.

Thank you!

Kalen Lake




6 Vital Tips to Better SEO

6 Vital Tips to Better SEO

Here are a few tips for checking the SEO of your website, all summed up in a helpful infographic.  If you are concerned with your ranking with search engines, make sure you’ve covered these 6 essential points of design.  This is far from a comprehensive list, but can serve as an outline for making sure your basic bases are covered.

6 Vital SEO Tips for Better Search Results infographic.

New Custom Wall Sign for Petra Roofing

New Custom Wall Sign for Petra Roofing

Electremedia completes another custom wall sign design

We just completed another custom wall sign, and have another satisfied customer.  After a couple of design choices, they choose this face-illuminated channel letter sign for their new office location in North Oklahoma City.  What is also important for us, and which helps bring customers back for more, is meeting our customers expectation.  I challenge you to look at the images below and compare the 3D rendering to the actual installed wall sign.  If you have trouble distinguishing the real from the simulated, the first one is fake.  This process serves as quality control, and keeps our designs consistent throughout the sign design and delivery process.


Channel letter led-face illuminated wall sign.





Custom Signs OKC by Electremedia Signs & Design

Custom Signs OKC by Electremedia Signs & Design

New Domain supporting Electremedia Signs & Design

We have created a new domain to compliment Electremedia:  In the year and a half since starting the majority of our website traffic has been international, likely due to the international spelling of the company name (although we’re as American as apple pie!).  Moving forward, will continue to host our blog and feature fresh content, but the front-end website for the sign division will be   The new site is extremely light and fast, responsive to all devices and is not driven by a heavy content management system like WordPress.  We hope this will make us easier to find by sign customers in the Oklahoma City area, and throughout the United States.  Feel free to link to our new site, and stay tuned for new features as they are added.

Thanks for the support!

More Marquee Signs for The Pointe

More Marquee Signs for The Pointe

Backlit Marquee Signs for Student Housing

Electremedia and The Pointe Team Up Again to provide more LED illuminated marquee signs!

More info tba, but we’ve just received word that we will be providing the property signage for The Pointe’s Mississippi State University area location!  It was the plan all along, but we needed to deliver the on-time quality we promised.  We’re happy to report that everything went great, and we are pumped to be the exclusive provider of the exterior signage branding for this cutting-edge student housing movement.  We’ve discussed minor changes with future school projects across the country, but this is the ongoing design thus far.

Original logo for The PointeThis is the design we started with.  We put POINTE in reverse channel letters with halo backlighting, and made this round logo into a channel, routed out artwork on the disc so it would also illuminate from the front.

This 3D rendering is an early design option, but we ultimately dropped “THE” and the university tag at the bottom, swapped out what was metal and black, and came up with the final design, the featured image for this post.Electremedia spec channel letter sign design for The Pointe.

New Wall Sign for Petra Roofing

New Wall Sign for Petra Roofing

Electremedia designs new wall sign

We are happy to have Petra Roofing as a new sign customer, and have just gone into production of a channel letter sign for their new office location.  Portions of their logo were used to design the sign, featuring LED illuminated faces and translucent red vinyl.  Custom channel letter signs like this that don’t use a raceway or wireway have to be constructed in such a way as to hide the electrical wiring for the LEDs.  For this design I slightly overlapped certain portions of the letters to hide the connections.

New channel letter LED illuminated sign for Petra Roofing, designed by Electremedia LLC.

This is the logo image that was originally provided by the client.  The original art was unavailable, and someone had used Photoshop to create a bevel for the letters, so there was really no way of using the customer’s artwork.  After some font detection work I found one that matched, and submitted a few designs and came up with the design in the featured image for this post.

Original logo for Petra Roofing company.If you have a need for a new wall sign please give Electremedia a call at 405-200-2599, or email us at

Thanks for stopping by.

Kalen Lake

Owner/Creative Director



New Monument Sign for The Pointe

New Monument Sign for The Pointe

New Monument Sign for Student Housing Complex

Just installed at The Pointe in Urbana, Illinois, this halo backlit reverse channel letter monument sign glows green across the fresh snow.  Indirect lighting like this can still provide impressive illumination to the sign and the surrounding environment.  Electremedia manufacturers our business signs locally but we ship our signs all over the United States.  The signs are not only well constructed, but carefully crated and insured for save travel and delivery.

Channel letter monument sign for The Pointe.Repeat business is good business, and we’re delighted to be supplying The Pointe monument signs for all of their properties, with Mississippi State next on the list.  Our desire is to provide excellent designs, professionalism and integrity throughout the process, and deliver on what we design and what we say we’re going to do.  We provide good prices because we work lean and smart, not because we cut corners on quality.  Although we can often rush through a project, marquee and monument signs typically take 4 to 5 weeks to fabricate and ship.  For out-of-state orders we require 1/2 down, and the balance upon shipment, not arrival.  Every sign is tested, photographed, carefully custom crated, insured before being shipped.  It becomes the customer’s responsibility to inspect the crate for damage, as well as the sign, before signing for and freeing the shipping company from responsibility.  If these simple precautions are followed it is a very straightforward and simple process.

Please give us a call at 405-200-2599, or email me at if you’d like to discuss your monument sign needs.


Magellan Jets Chooses Acrylic Office Sign

Magellan Jets Chooses Acrylic Office Sign

When Magellan Jets of Quincy, MA needed a new office sign, who did they call?

Electremedia is going national!  Having just shipped two large signs to The Pointe in Urbana, Illinois (which they loved! btw), we’re now providing Magellan Jets with their new interior office sign.  They selected a design from a new inexpensive office sign series, which are tailored toward smaller size requirements and/or tighter spaces.

All of our signs are custom designed and handmade, and as such, can become whatever you can imagine.  If you read through a few of these blog case studies, you will see how we live to make art come to life.  Magellan had about a 6-foot wall space at the end of a hall where they wanted their logo.  They contacted us, and we considered vinyl decal options, and they opted for a sheet of acrylic with their logo printed second surface (on the wall side), and offset mounted with decorative posts.  It’s an inexpensive way to give your office a sense of identity, and communicate your brand to walk-through clients.

As a side note, I am really interested in LED edge lighting acrylic that’s been sandblasted to catch the light.  I haven’t had a customer request such a design, but I’d love to design and deliver it!

We’ve done a number of indoor logo signs, from aluminum channel letters and shapes to large acrylic sheets.  If we can help you please let us know.

Kalen Lake

Owner/Creative Director, Electremedia LLC

405-200-2599 |

New Halo backLit Signs for The Pointe!

New Halo backLit Signs for The Pointe!

Now shipping, two new reverse channel halo-llluminated logo signs for The Pointe.

We are delighted to have completed two new logo signs for The Pointe @ their University of Illinois location.  We were able to “dimensionalize” their logo and illuminate it to match their new nation-wide color scheme.  These two signs are relatively small, exactly 17″ high by 70″ wide.  We’ve been told that future sign orders are going to be larger.  We just love hearing good news like that!

As mentioned in an earlier post, we began this job with a simple circle logo.  This one.Original logo for The Pointe

The wanted The Pointe off to the side of the round logo in some form, so I suggested making channel letters out of everything, starting with the disc shape.  Using 1/4″ thick aluminum, the graphics on the logo face were routed out, channel sides were made, translucent acrylic applied to the inside surface and LEDs installed, just like the other letters.  After a few color variations we decided on black faces, brushed aluminum channels (sides), and everything offset mounted to a sheet of brushed aluminum, all reverse channel halo backlit.  I love designing those signs, and they look so good.  No, they’re not cheap, but I just might surprise you.  Give us a shot at designing and providing some quality custom backlit signs for you.  I can’t imagine you regretting it.

Best regards,

Kalen Lake

Owner/Creative Director, Electremedia

405-200-2599 |

Electremedia EM/Lux Sign Series designed for The Pointe at U of Ipointe crated Signs ready for The Pointe at The University of Illinois Angle View of Electremedia EM/Lux Series sign for The Pointe Side view of two signs for The Pointe at U of IL

Custom Channel Letter Signs

Custom Channel Letter Signs

Ordering Custom Channel Letter Signs

Like the other information about us in this website, rather than just tell you what we can do, like making channel letter signs, we use case studies, and real life examples.  We blog post on projects, and show our progress at the appropriate time.  Designing a exterior wall sign for your business is a dynamic process, from taking a concept or drawing on paper to a large, illuminated beacon of your business.  We love seeing our art come alive, and we do everything we can to make sure you know what you are expecting to receive, and we deliver on and beyond on that expectation.  Our way of accomplishing this is to create detailed 3D renderings of the sign we’re designing for you.  With the right photography, we can make it look like you can almost reach out and touch it, already mounted to your wall.

This process has a number of advantages beyond you knowing what to expect.  It conveys to the fabricator exactly what is intended to be make, with 3D simulated lighting and all.  Over time this has become a seamless process of sign design to fabrication to installation.  Our hope is that we will have an opportunity to provide the same service to your channel letter sign needs, and maybe take it a little further than you are expecting.  Read the case study below before you decide.


Case Study: Vapor Showroom Wall Sign

We designed this 8 foot wide channel letter sign for Vapor Showroom, and with a package discount, cost our customer under $3,500.  Originally they came to us with a logo, and directions from their landlord that their sign “required channel letters, on a raceway.”  With quotes in the $6,000 range, and accompanying designs, they had resigned to just “do something cheap for now, then come back and do a good sign later in the year.”  Electremedia designed a solution where the majority of the letters in their logo/company name could be displayed in translucent vinyl on a single piece of polycarbonate.  The cost-saving corners we can cut for customers are not in our quality, but in smart design.  The only thing that makes your sign look cheap is cheap design!

If you’re counting up costs, you’ll need to consider the following (which are very rough estimates, and every situation is unique):

  • Additional Panels for Pole/Monument Sign(s): $450 – $1,500,
  • Installation: $750 – $1,150 (sometimes each, sometimes for both, depends on location and contractor),
  • Permits:  $0 – $500, depending on number of permits required by locale,
  • Electrical Work:  Customer is responsible for all electrical costs (no cost when tapping into existing adequate wiring)
  • Tax (if local),
  • Shipping (if out-of-state, and no tax).

The above information is dynamic, and always changing, yet it can give you a basic idea of the components of a typical sign project, and help you anticipate the associated costs of your new sign investment.

Office Signs for Walls

Office Signs for Walls

Electremedia Provides a Variety of Office Signs

For companies needing interior office signs we offer a variety of affordable solutions perfect for interior office buildings, corporate boardrooms, waiting rooms or even man caves and game rooms!  We can fabricate your logo, insignia, family crest, or just about anything, into an office sign made from acrylic, aluminum, wood, leather – you name it!  The size range requested for our office signs is typically less than 6 feet, and can feature almost any type of geometry and lighting options.  The interior sign options shown on this page were all made from between $750 and $2,500.  As a common theme with this website/blog, we use case study examples to show what we can do, not just tell you we can make cool interior office signs.  We also throw prices out there so you can get an idea of what you need to budget for, especially if the sign is part of a larger renovation or a build out of a new retail location.

The custom logo sign designed for Cheek Law Firm installed.This office sign for Cheek Law Firm was actually a two part project, to design a new logo, then provide a sign for their lobby / reception area.  The logo is on the left and mounted to a black channel box, to the right are brushed face aluminum channel letters, and a black channel box below with thin metal lettering applied to the face.  It made an impressive and strong statement to everyone entering their law office.


Image of lobby sign installed.These acrylic office signs are an affordable option for any office wall, restaurant vestibule or waiting area.  Your logo can be applied to the inside surface of the acrylic, protecting it from scratches from cleaning or accidental scratches.

Please drop us a line if you think we can help you display your business in the way that you really want.  Nothing at Electremedia isn’t custom, so you don’t have to settle for signage that you’re not happy with.  We hope to hear from you soon!


Signs by Electremedia – 405-200-2599 |


Custom Business Signs and Logo Design

Custom Business Signs and Logo Design

Birthing a dream doesn’t have to be painful!

Electremedia promotional image of giving birth to a dream. A pregnant woman with our logo superimposed on her belly button, with husband's hands touching belly from behind.

Opening a new business is stressful, no doubt.  And after all of the headache with loans, leases, contractors and inspectors, the last thing you need is “sign stress.”  Here are three sure signs you’re suffering some serious sign stress!

  1. You spend hours staring at your logo wondering how-in-the-world to make it into a sign,
  2. You’ve searched and searched the web looking for a sign that looks like what’s in your head, but to no avail,
  3. You don’t care for sign companies due to a bad experience with a glorified t-shirt shop who didn’t know design from a hole in the wall.

Do any of those describe you?  Well, guess what?  Yep, you may have found the sign studio you’re looking for.

We invite you to check out our Blog of projects, or specific design pages in the menu.  You can jump right to a Quote Request form, or give us a call at (405) 200-2599.

We are a logo and sign design studio.  We are technologists and designers who work with high-level 3D modeling and graphics software, and outsource all of our fabrication and installation.  That’s our business model.  We allow people to do what they do best, whether that be designing, fabricating, shipping or installing.  Electremedia is a design and marketing agency built around the sign industry, so we understand product development, positioning, visual branding strategies and marketing initiatives.  More importantly, we design logos every day.  And every day transform those graphics into awesome illuminated signage.  We love our job!  Let us help you love yours even more!

You can read more about what we do below, throughout this website, and at our sister domain,  If you’re really adventurous check out our Virtual Gallery, where you can install a simple plugin and “play” our gallery just like a video game level, complete with architecture, moving platforms, and many of our 3D sign models.

Enjoy your stay, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Our Best Regards,

Kalen Lake,

Owner/Creative Director

Whether you are opening a new restaurant or retail store, or renovating a commercial property, we can provide the high-impact custom signs and graphics your business needs, and we invite you to look at some of our work.  Each design is original, and custom tailored to fit the individual needs of our clients.  Now, before you listen to that voice in your head that’s saying “Looks expensive!”, read on.  Let’s talk for a second about what you can really get for your hard-earned investment in new signage.

We specialize in making your existing logo and identity, into a dimensional channel letter sign, with LED illuminated faces, halo back lighting, or both.  If you don’t have a logo, please consider letting us design one for you, as we did for OKC Vapes, Cheek Law Firm, Schardein’s New Talent Salon, Ultimate Tan & Tone and many more.  In fact, that is often one of the first projects we take on for our client, to design a logo for their company and/or brand.  From that design foundation we design their exterior wall signs, box signs, menus, t-shirts, you name it.

A picture of a 31' channel letter logo sign.

When Schardein and Company salons were opening a massive new retail location in Oklahoma City, we were called upon to create new custom wall signs that would not only draw attention to their new location, but communicate a message of class and sophistication appropriate for their high-profile clients, as well as attract new stylists to their New Talent Salon concept.  No logo existed for their New Talent concept, so we designed one for multi-channel use, including signage, brochures and business cards.

A collage of images of various Electremedia sign projects.

We quite often have customers come to us with very low expectations on what type of signage they can get for their money.  To the untrained eye, the often ugly box signs hanging above strip mall businesses are the least expensive signs.  This is rarely the case, unless you’re only replacing the plastic face.  We can take the shapes of your letters and logo graphics, and make them into dimensional channels that can be LED illuminated in an endless variety of ways.  Cost is actually saved because you’re using less material, by eliminating the metal used to make the heavy cabinet, and reducing the amount of polycarbonate (plastic faces) need to make the face surface area.  This is what good sign design is all about, and the core of our business model.  To provide outstanding custom business signage that’s also efficient, sustainable, unique and almost as easy as purchasing something from off a store shelf.

New Life Bible Church 3D rendering of new sign.

Channel letter sign for Petra Roofing designed and provided by Electremedia.

If you’re new to the Oklahoma City area, or are thinking of relocating here, the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce is a great place to get more information.  Here is a link to the regional Oklahoma City SBA chapter, and the Small Business Development Center out of the University of Central Oklahoma is another great resource for new businesses.  We also have relationships with lenders who understand the importance of business signage, and would be happy to visit with you should you need financing.

Please drop us a line to see if we can help your business with our custom signs and graphics.  You can read more about our approach to design, and view a gallery of our past projects via the links at the top of the page.

Please drop us a line via:

Electremedia – Custom Business Signs & Graphics

(405) 200-2599


Electremedia Custom Logo Signs

Electremedia Custom Logo Signs

Illuminated logo signs

Electremedia custom logo signs are made from the high-quality materials and craftsmanship in the industry, and can feature elaborate design features, such as:

  • characterized dimensional logos and shapes,
  • face or halo illumination, or both,
  • custom capsules or tag-line bullets,
  • typically 9-feet wide or larger.

Electremedia can make custom shapes as easy as we can make letters.  It’s no more difficult to cut a piece of metal shaped like a slice of pizza, develop it into a channel and illuminate it than it does to make the letter “P.”  Yes, it does take more time to weld channels into the shape of a flower than a simple square but the majority of the cost is usually the metal itself.  All of our signs are fabricated in the United States, with 90% of them made right here in Oklahoma.  Although we sell our signs all over the US, we support our local communities as much as possible.

Many of our past sign designs fit into this category, so please take a look at the other custom signs we’ve made.  When you’re ready, please give us a call at (405) 200-2599, or fill out our Contact Form.  We look forward to hearing from you!

EM/Industrial Sign Series

EM/Industrial Sign Series

Electremedia EM/Industrial Sign Series

This series is designed for large-scale projects requiring over-sized wall signs, pylon pole signs or large Electronic Message Centers.

Projects of this scale can range from $50,000 to over $100,000, feature multiple wall sign and message center configurations, entrance pylons, brick work, asphalt, masonry, and more.  To make the process manageable, we break out the cost of each component of the project, so you know exactly what to budget for long before any permits are applied for or payment is made.

A picture of Schardein Salons after finishing sign project.

New Outdoor Signs installed for E-Cig Retailer

New Outdoor Signs installed for E-Cig Retailer

Vapor Showroom goes live with new logo signage

We just finished a new sign for Vapor Showroom, a new e-cig vaping store in Norman, Oklahoma.  The project went great, finished early and our customer is beaming with pride.  Again, we took their logo and made it into a cool illuminated logo sign.  Most new business owners don’t know that it doesn’t cost any more to have a custom sign designed and fabricated than it does to pick a stock channel letter sign that looks cheap at best.  The difference is that most sign companies don’t care about the art, and impression that quality work will leave on customers for years to come.  We do.  Enjoy!




Converting between Oracal Vinyl and Pantone Colors

Using Illustrator to Determine the Pantone Color

I often have to use vinyl for one element of a sign or graphics project, but require digital printing another portion.  For outdoor translucent vinyl we often use Oracal’s 8500 series, and it’s relatively easy to pick a color using their online color chart.  But your digital printer will need an entirely different number to represent the same color as the vinyl.  While this is an inherently difficult process to get exact, these 5 steps should help you give something your printer will be happy with.

Step One

Fire up Adobe Illustrator, and open your customer’s artwork.  I am using CS6, so your interface might look different from these images.  Use the Eyedropper Tool and click on the color you want.  Note how it goes into your color panel.






Step Two

Open the Color Guide Panel.  Your color should be selected.  Click the drop down arrow just under the x to close the panel, and open up the Color Guide Panel Options.  Choose Edit Colors.



Step Three

Click the small icon to open up the color libraries you can choose from, indicated by the red arrow.

Illustrator cs6 color guide


Step Four

Select the color types your printer is going to use, in this case I chose Pantone Coated.

Illustrator CS6 Color Guide

Step Five

Click the color square at the very bottom left of the window, and your matching Pantone color is provided in the Color Picker Dialog.  Simply write down the numbers and forward them on to your printer.


I hope these tips help you in some way.

Thanks for visiting Electremedia.

Electremedia Designs Custom Entrance Signs for University Housing

Electremedia Designs Custom Entrance Signs for University Housing

Upscale student housing concept taps Electremedia for new LED channel letter signage.

The Pointe is quickly becoming the place to live when you’re slaving away paying your college dues, with a swimming pool, movie theater, a full media lab and pre-wired tech in every unit, wow.  Awesome is an under statement.  Electremedia is proud to be tasked with taking their logo concept into the realm of signage, and mold it into an illuminated entrance sign for their facilities across the nation.  Granted, you’ll have to be near the University of Illinois to see this one, but who knows where things may lead!

These are just a couple of 3D concepts to give you an idea, and not the full description and details clients receive.  It looks like the signs are going to be brushed metal finished face, with a flat metal finish background to diffuse the halo back lighting within the channel letters and circle.  It’s about 70″ wide, and should really turn out nice.  If you look through our library you can see a lot of before and afters.


The_Point_MainID The_Point_MainID_day The_Pointe_UofI_MainID

Toolbar for Keeping Track of Your Website

This Electremedia browser toolbar puts Facebook, Google and Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Facebook and Twitter all at the click of button in your browser bar.  This is a first run on this, and I’m expecting each link to jump you to your own accounts once you login as yourself.  I can dynamically modify it and make them all generic links to each resource if enough users request it.

Click below to download and/or install the toolbar into your browser.

Get our toolbar!

Vapes Store Taps Electremedia for Storefront Logo Sign

Vapes Store Taps Electremedia for Storefront Logo Sign

New Channel Letter Sign Design Going Up In Norman

Electremedia is proud to be designing a new halo back lit channel letter wall sign for a brand new e-cig store, Vapor Showroom, opening on Lindsey Street in Norman, Oklahoma.

A 3d rendering of an e-cig storefront sign.

Here are the initial 3D renderings of the design.  Look for more details to come!



Digitally Printed Sign Faces

Digitally Printed Sign Faces

New sign face for OKC Vapes – Norman

The OKC Vapes logo has gone a long way since we first designed it last year.  After multiple banners, sign faces and illuminated logo signs, we added a gradient background to make this one stand out in Norman.  Digital printing has come a long way.  This 5′ x 10′ piece was printed on .040 lexan, and will slide into an LED cabinet already mounted above the Norman store entrance.

Full sized picture of a digitally printed sign face for OKC Vapes in Norman, Oklahoma.

Automate Photoshop to Optimize an Image Folder

Using Photoshop Actions

I’ve used Photoshop since version 4.01 and still don’t know all of the features.  And only lately did I discover the power of Actions.  Large images can affect your page ranking, and if you’ve not carefully optimized your images, you could be putting people on long hold times, including search robots, and neither of them like it.

Here’s a quick and easy tutorial for making an Action in Photoshop CS6, and using Batch to run the action on an entire folder.

Let’s get started!

An image of Photoshop CS6 from a tutorial.

1. Open Photoshop and choose Window -> Actions, and open up the Actions panel.

Photoshop Action Panel CS6

2. In the Actions panel, click the icon for New Action. You can also group your actions into folders if you like, similar to grouping layers.

New Action Window

3. Give your action a unique name. If you create a group set, it will appear here as a location to keep your new action. Name it according to whatever you’re doing to the image, whether optimizing or filtering in some way. Photoshop is just going to watch and record everything you do and the settings you choose.
And it’s not on a timer, liking taking a screen capture video. So if you sit there and think for a moment it’s fine. Photoshop just waits for you to do something.

Photoshop Actions Tutorial Image

4. After you click record in the previous dialogue window, you’re recording! Photoshop is waiting for you to do something. The first command you’re going to record is the “Open” command.

Photoshop Open Window

5. Open one of the files you want to optimize. That’s all we’ll do in this tutorial, to keep it quick.

Photoshop screen capture

6. Since we’re only optimizing this image, I’m going directly to File -> Save For Web.

Photoshop CS6 Save For Web dialogue

7. Adjust the file type and/or quality to reduce your image footprint. Remember, you’re not rescaling anything that might mess up your layout. You’re just stripping out color and definition data. You will discover how you can make even the largest, full-screen images load really fast. Photoshop will remember these settings you use and save it as part of the Action we’re making. Click Save when ready.
As a side note: If you choose to Replace a file during the Save process, Photoshop will remember the action and do the same for subsequent files. You also have a lot of control in the Batch dialogue window.

Photoshop Close Dialogue

8. Now close the file. This will be the last step Photoshop will record into the action sequence.

Photoshop CS6 Actions Panel

9. Stop recording.

Photoshop CS6 Automate Dialogue

10. It’s not very intuitive yet, but you access your Actions through the Batch window, under Automate (File -> Automate -> Batch).

Photoshop CS6 batch dialogue window

11. This is where you select the Action you just made, and apply it to an entire folder structure if required. You can choose any sets you make (groups), and your actions. Choose your optimize action and the folders to act upon, and Photoshop will do the rest. You can just sit back and watch as Photoshop opens each of your images and quickly processes and closes them. It’s kinda cool!
One note on this step: Photoshop seems to keep one example image open while it processes and second image, and it switches between the two. This can make it appear as if it’s continually opening an old image. If you watch closely, you’ll see how one of the two or more images are changing.
This is the end of this tutorial.

Hopefully this helped you learn a little more about Photoshop’s Actions.  The file conversion features alone provide you with enormous options, only limited by your imagination.

Interior Logo Signs

Interior Logo Signs

Interior Logo Signs

Interior logo signs are a great way to increase your sales and name recognition.  These posters and logo wall sign were created to support a robotic vending machine in a bus station.  The custom graphics lead customers to the vending machine, and the logo sign reinforces the company’s identity.




Give us a call at (405) 200-2599.

Interior Logo Signs Installed For Total Express Vending

Interior Logo Signs Installed For Total Express Vending

Interior Logo Signs

We just finished delivering the logo sign package to Total Express for their new robotic vending business in the new Greyhound Bus Station in OKC.

The project scaled up and down during the design process, going from a large exterior illuminated logo sign, to a double-sided “clock-like” logo sign inside the hallway, to a single-sided 3D logo piece that turned out great.

The pre-viz I saw from Greyhound called for a lot of layering, colors hue variations and “bus” images.  Well, I forgo the bus images for candy, since that’s what my customer says drives them to the machine.  Their logo has a lot of green in it, so I used it liberally in my Photoshop design for the posters.  As my own critic, it works, and kills the previous / current in the old downtown bus station.

As usual, I invite you to compare my 3D designs and renderings to the final product.  Until our target customer base understands our differences from typical sign companies, it all begins and ends with the artwork.  Bad art produces bad product.  A “sign company” functioning as a design agency, they want awards, recognition, and most importantly, repeat business.  I feel we did Total Environment / Total Express people justice, and we appreciate you coming back again.

Enjoy the gallery here, and I’ll gladly provide design tips if anyone wants.


Owner / Creative Director

[flagallery gid=5]

Selling a Service-centered Sign Company Over the “quick print” Stereotype

Selling a Service-centered Sign Company Over the “quick print” Stereotype

“No, I’m not the quick print guy!”

No offense to all the hard-working guys and gals at the local quick, speedy-type copy shops, or those national franchise sign stores that provide everything from t-shirts to street signs.  We custom sign companies need you there, and not just for your high retail price comparisons we can use, but we often need your services ourselves.  However, I don’t want my customer thinking I’m you!  I’m just sayin’.

I mean, who in what company wants to talk to the “sign guy” about getting the building sign fixed after the recent storm more than twice, three times at the most?  Suffice it to say, the sign guy doesn’t always get the most respect, and often for good reason.  I grew up “pulling a squeegee” in many a print shop, and am very familiar with the “shop” mentality that permeates ordinary sign shops.  I didn’t like it then, and I haven’t changed.

I have finally learned, after many years, to do what you’re passionate about and good at, and stop trying to do everyone else’s job at the same time. I’ve always been a computer graphics geek, and very visual, and design-centered. All of my experience has been in mass media, music publicity, advertising, instructional design, technology educator, national marketing and media manager positions, and the like.  So I live and breathe branding, along with computer graphics. Applying a concept to a visual design and transforming it into an awesome business sign is my thing.  For example, when I taught video game design to high school students, they had to team up and develop the concept before getting approval to begin the 3D design of the game level, which they were the most eager to do.  Having a clear overall mental picture of the concept immensely helps the design portion of the project, even if you’re only designing the marquee sign on the front of a retail store.  Creating intelligent, brand-based custom interior and exterior signage is essential to the success of the customer’s business, not to mention my own.

Similarly, it’s natural for me to look at our customer’s business name, concept, current artwork/colors, audience and even their short and long-term goals when considering a new sign design.  With experience in national media, marketing, advertising, technology and more – all of which I want to make available to my customers – the work to build a new and unique reputation as a sign company begins from the very first contact.  And it doesn’t take long for them to realize my ability to put myself into their shoes, and also consider their customer’s perspective and interests.  All of this work makes for a better overall design, which in the end, helps them build their brand and resulting bottom line profits.

So, don’t settle for just another sign shop for your next exterior or interior sign branding needs.  Call a service-centered, branding-minded, visually creative sign design company like, you guessed it, Electremedia.

We really hope to be able to connect with you soon!

Kalen Lake, Owner/Creative Director


Pre-Designing Custom Logo Signs – The Risk

Pre-Designing Custom Logo Signs – The Risk

The risks of landing a bid for a new sign project outweigh the risk of losing it.

In this post I’m featuring a proposed custom logo sign design and partial bid that has not yet been accepted by a prospective new client.  Having already spent dozens of hours transforming a simple font logo and slogan into a potential “illuminated masterpiece,” if one chooses to call it that, the risk exists that I could lose the job to a competitor who may have only spent an hour or so bidding on “making” my custom logo sign design.  The creative power you put into a project is always at risk.  But the greater risk would be to not put our best design forward!  We have seen countless times that careful design always brings back customers, and we really appreciate new ones.

Below are a few of the proposed designs we’re waiting to hear back on.  Some design investments!



Owner / Creative Director

Electremedia LLC

Backlit Channel Letter Sign 3D Rendering

A 3D rendering of a channel letter sign as requested from the customer. Backlit is not used when the landlord requires a raceway. This illustration is intended to illustrate why.

A 3D rendering of face lit channel letter sign.

This is a face lit alternative we recommended, with translucent vinyl on plex faces. You barely notice the raceway behind it.

3D rendering of reverse channel halo sign on metal back plate.

This is referred to as a reverse channel halo back lit sign. It was designed to mount offset from a metal back plate which could function as the wireway or to cover one.

A 3D rendering of face lit channel letter sign.

This was made to show how variations of their logo color could be used for different parts of the sign.

A rendering of a proposed sign design.

This is another (bad) example of a back lit LED sign on a raceway. This one shows an alternate face for the slogan capsule. The next example is what the customer is looking for.

A 3D rendering of a backlit channel letter sign.

This design appears to be exactly what the customer is looking for. However, it requires special permission from the landlord for whether it can be installed directly to the building. This is an important consideration when deciding between what you want and what you have to do. We understand commercial real estate, and often work with clients to identify and follow any necessary sign guidelines as required by the lease.

Interior Signs

Interior Signs

High-quality Interior Signs –

Having well designed interior signs can have a big impact on the overall impression you leave on your customers.  Electremedia specializes in transforming your corporate logo into high-quality interior signs.  Studies show consistently placing your brand in front of new and existing customers can significantly contribute to increased sales and repeat business.  Custom interior signs can provide that extra promotional boost to help drive up your in-store sales.

Do you have a particular product you always sell, especially during the holiday seasons?  Interior logo signs are a great way to grab the attention of someone waiting in a checkout line.  It’s also another way to educate your customers on your regular inventory, and associate the popularity of the product with your own branding efforts.  Also, ff the brand you’re selling doesn’t provide in-store signage they will often provide free product in exchange for including them in your in-store advertising.

Consider letting Electremedia analyze your logos to see how we can make them into a high-impact interior signs.  It’s what we love to do!


Invasion Animation

Invasion Animation

Here’s a short animation of Electremedia logos.

Electremedia Logo Invasion Animation

How it was made –

Software: 3DS Max

Effect: Particle system using object substitution.

Rendering:  I had to replace the reflective / transparent texture with a flat one, and reduce all indirect illumination and final gather settings to obtain a 200 frame animation rendering in around 12 hours.

System:  Intel Core i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GT / 650MB, 2GB, Windows 8, 64-bit.

OKC Vapes Logo Signs – Edmond Store

OKC Vapes Logo Signs – Edmond Store

Here’s a gallery of photos of our recently completed OKC Vapes – Edmond sign project.

From design, through fabrication and installation, everything went perfectly smooth.  I originally designed the logo for print work, but with a few modifications for illumination, it became a really cool-looking sign.


[flagallery gid=4]

Multiple Salon Sign Project Nears Completion in Oklahoma City

Multiple Salon Sign Project Nears Completion in Oklahoma City

Installation is almost complete for Electremedia’s 7+ sign project for Schardein Salons

Here is a picture of the new pole and numerous signs installed at Britton and N. May in Oklahoma City for Steve Schardein’s new $1,000,000 salon location.  Only 1 sign install remains, then we’ll post a full album of the entire project.  We wanted to put him on the map, and I think we succeeded.  It included 2 double LED illuminated wall signs at 24′ and 31′ wide (both face and halo illumination), two 3′ by 10′ digital message centers integrated into the wall logo signs, one refaced 4 x 8 single face illuminated cabinet sign, a new pole and 4 x 10 pole sign, and finally a 5′ x 10′ double-sided LED illuminated flex face “New Talent” sign, which will complete the project.

Electremedia celebrated it’s 1st year in operation July 30th, 2013.  We can’t thank our customers enough for the confidence they have, and continue to place in us.  All of the decades in graphic design, real estate development, 3D animation and virtual environment creation for video game level design and promotional animations, marketing, advertising, national television and print publicity, and the list goes on – is really paying off for our customers.  We toot these horns so you know what we’ve done for others, and would love to do for you.

Stay illuminated!

Kalen Lake

Electremedia Owner/Creative Director

20130710_114835 20130729_220643 20130910_114023 corner_signs


Translucent Graphics Brighten Retail Storefronts

Translucent Graphics Brighten Retail Storefronts

Electremedia provides more than just signage.

We recently shared the daytime finished pictures of the storefront window wrap we designed for Ultimate Tan and Tone, and here it is what it looks like at night.

Our customer had a section of windows with essentially a closet area behind them, and needed an advertising display solution.  We designed a 5-panel graphic on translucent vinyl featuring their logo and a beach scene.  By placing bright lights behind the graphics we essentially created a large backlit sign which can be easily seen from the main thoroughfare over 150 yards away.  We enjoy providing creative solutions for unique customer challenges that go far beyond traditional signage.  Electremedia is as much a marketing and consulting firm as it is a retail sign provider.  We also provide professional media services, press release writing and broadcast coverage when appropriate.  Our business exists to help other businesses succeed.


Total Beverage Lights Up In Norman

Total Beverage Lights Up In Norman

Electremedia Delivers New Illuminated Sign

We just finished a new logo sign for Total Beverage in Norman, Oklahoma.  The sign has translucent faces with internal LED illumination, and routed acrylic letters pushed through a painted aluminum pan.  We followed our standard design process, fabricating the sign based on precise 3D modeling and illustrated renderings.  This ensures that our customers know exactly what they are purchasing long before it is installed on the side of their building.  Below you can compare the pre-fabrication renderings to the final installed product.


Picture of LED illuminated wall sign designed by Electremedia. Picture of LED logo sign designed by Electremedia - Signs and Design. Electremedia designs new channel letter wall sign for Oklahoma beverage company. Electremedia provides new custom logo wall sign for Oklahoma beverage company.

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