New Restaurant Sign

We’re really excited, and have new projects going into contract and fabrication.

Our first retail shopping center project is coming online, and we couldn’t be happier.  Cafe Icon, in Edmond, OK, it set to be an amazing new restaurant.  Imagine great sushi, crepes and steaks, all mixed into a new style hot spot of deliciousness everyone will love.  This is more like a place I’d catch in San Antonio, Santa Barbara, or Nashville back in it’s cuisine highlight, but our work is design, and we’re very happy with being able to deliver the signage.

The attached image was only a 3D spec, but the final is not far in appearance. I have a lot of new designs I want to share, but I’m anxious to post some new work.  So, here ya go, and I’ll fill in the design details later in the week.  I’m going to give pointers on 3D modeling, rendering, image compositing and more.  Illustration is making the difference in getting jobs, so I hope the advice can help (if you need it).



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