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Maxcess International Taps Electremedia for New Signage

Electremedia has just completed the designs for Maxcess International’s new property signage in Oklahoma City.

In fabrication is a custom 17′ wide reverse channel letter logo sign.  This beauty has 42″ tall halo illuminated channel letters, offset mounted to a metallic silver pan.  This simple sign is going to really improve the appearance of their near 1 million square foot campus.

3D rendering and photo composite of new monument sign.

The company logo change required a new canopy sign be designed to fill the space four individual logos once occupied.  A mini edition of the monument sign was designed, along with halo illuminated architectural bars to fill the 22′ wide narrow space.

3D rendering and photograph composition of proposed new monument sign.

The existing entrance sign frames will be replaced with new aluminum panels with vinyl graphics.

Graphics for entrance sign panel replacement.

Lastly, we’re replacing the interior wall sign with a new 48″ wide painted acrylic logo.

3D rendering of painted acrylic wall logo.


If you would like more information on obtaining your own custom signage, please call us at (405) 200-2599, fill out our Quote Request Form, or send us a message through our Contact Page.  Thank you for visiting our website.  Similar information is available at our parent domain,

Making Logos Into Interior Wall Signs

We just finished this project for Anadarko Minerals, Inc., where we took a simple business card design and transformed it into an attractive wall sign for their office entrance.

We try to keep this page updated with fresh project information.  This is another case study of a recent project we just completed.


Anadarko Minerals Wall Sign

This is the initial logo image we received.  It was just a rough photograph of a business card, but it was enough for us to do some font detection make the vector art we needed.

Logo on business card used as starting point for sign design.

Next we verified with the client that the vector art was correct before creating the 3-dimensional design.  Working closely with our client, we discovered that the A in AMI, is in fact an upside down V, with the bar through it simulating an A.


After deciding from this image that the horizontal bar should also be stainless, we created these 3D renderings.

Cleaned up logo for client.

Interior wall sign created by Electremedia.

3d rendering of proposed sign for Anadarko Minerals.

Wall sign being installed with template.

Custom logo wall sign designed by Electremedia.

Custom wall sign by Electremedia.

If you need custom interior or exterior signs, please give us a call at (405) 200-2599, send us a Quote Request or connect with us via any of our social media websites.


Monument Sign is an Ode to Divinci

The latest design leaked from the top secret Electremedia Design Lab will not only attract customers, it will tell them the time of day, without using a clock!

Since the seasons are always changing, we designed this sign to be dynamic, and cycle between Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange every hour, with the season icon changing accordingly.

Try it for yourself!  Looking at the image below, what time of day is it? *

Monument sign for Four Seasons Sunrooms designed by Electremedia.* Solution:  Using the sign color order above, blue occurs at midnight, lasting until 1am, so the highlighted leaf and corresponding color, along with a partially illuminated sky, could only be 7am, 7pm or 9pm, depending on your location and time of year.

Here are some other image from the project.


(Here’s a detailed explanation of the signs functionality.  Every hour, the sign changes from one of the four colors in the logo.  The white letters are always illuminatd, along with the squares behind each logo.  Beginning at midnight, the halo color of the well changes to blue, and the snowflake icon lights up.  At 1am, the halo well fades to green, and the flower icon illuminates.  This process continues throughout the 24 hour period.)

And early sign design rendering from Electremedia Signs and Design.

An alternate sign design by Electremedia Signs and Design.An alternate sign design by Electremedia Signs and Design.An alternate sign design by Electremedia Signs and Design.




6 Vital Tips to Better SEO

Here are a few tips for checking the SEO of your website, all summed up in a helpful infographic.  If you are concerned with your ranking with search engines, make sure you’ve covered these 6 essential points of design.  This is far from a comprehensive list, but can serve as an outline for making sure your basic bases are covered.

6 Vital SEO Tips for Better Search Results infographic.

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